Professional Recording Studio in Dallas Texas

Duprey Studio Recordings is a professional recording studio servicing Dallas since 2014, founded by Yaschua Duprey
Our team is experienced with operating all types of studio sessions, catering to all genres, sizes, and experience levels.  Our engineers have over ten years expierience each doing recordings and production in the music industry.  We also provide custom beats, hirable musicians, even professional photography, music videos, and advice.

Get your music recorded professionally in Dallas' highest rated recording studio

We have a single recording studio facility, meaning if you are the artist in session, the building is all yours.  Our studio has a spacious lounge that we call "The Green Room".   Here you can find refreshments and entertainment, or just a place to hang out while others record their parts, or as we do mixing and mastering.  The control room is large enough to comfortably fit twelve people, while still having space to move around, and maintaining evenly distributed sound.  For tracking, we have the large room and small room.  We do most recording in the large room, including vocals and most instruments.  The smaller room acts as an isolation room, for recording amps and smaller percussions during live performances.  Any size project can be recorded at Duprey Studio Recording, weather you are a solo artist laying down a vocal, an eight piece band, or a fifty piece choir, we have everything you need, including the experience, to get your sound recorded and mixed properly.
We know when using a recording studio to record your music, its more then just the mic you sing into.  To get a great sound, you need a great sounding room, and high-end gear.  Most importantly, a good recording needs experienced and friendly engineers and producers.  We pride ourselves on the team we have, and the relationships built between the artists and the studio.  We want to make sure your every recording need is met, while making sure you are happy and enjoy the process.  Comfort is key in the whole recording studio experience, and we will do everything we can to make Duprey Studio Recordings the best recording studio experience you have ever had.
Duprey Studio Recordings
2474 Manana Dr, Suite 115 Dallas, TX 75220 US
Phone: 214-980-2385