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With the ease of home recording made possible through technology, many artists are opting to record their albums on their own. While on the surface, this may seem like a pragmatic approach, it is ultimately working against you. Engineering is an art form in and of itself, which means that in order to successfully record, there has to be a learning experience involved. As a passionate creator, you deserve to have access to the best in audio production, and Duprey Studio Recordings is here to help you achieve exactly that.
Music recording can be a daunting task, no matter how large or small the ensemble. Every type of music presents its own unique set of dynamic challenges when it comes to capturing every note. Our engineering knowledge will facilitate the most stress-free, high quality music recording process in the Dallas, TX area. We do the legwork to make sure that you only have to worry about playing your instrument. Enjoy peace of mind in between takes as we work tirelessly to ensure the best in audio quality.
While you record, you can enjoy access to the best brand names in musical gear: Yamaha, Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, and countless others! We will also help you to pair your sound with our gear if you feel as though yours is not quite optimal. Taking part in music recording here at Duprey Studio Recordings is an incredibly rewarding experience that brings with it a product that you can be truly proud of for the rest of your life.
Whether you want to record a single, an EP, or even a double-LP, we are happy to work with you to make music that everyone can be in awe of. Contact us by phone or e-mail for space availability today!

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Recording In A Professional Studio

When it comes to your music, there might be nothing more important than letting it reach its full potential.  At Duprey Studio Recordings, we work with you to guarantee that each moment of every song is carefully produced to be the best that it can be. We use keen ears, top gear, and a great enviroment to ensure that your vision is captured with perfect dynamics and a clean, warm tone.
In 2005, owner Yaschua Duprey opened Duprey Studio Recording's first location in Orange County, California.  We worked with many talented musicians in many genres, primarily rock, reggae, jazz. With a larger vision in mind, DSR came with plans to relocate and offer more.  Duprey Studio Recordings came to Dallas in April of 2014, officialy opening its doors October 15th, 2014 . We have deep insight into the music business, and an innovative work ethic centered on the creativity of our clients.  Our rooms are expertly designed to facilitate incredible tonality whether you're interested in individual tracking, or full-on live recordings. We have a large tracking room, separate isolation booth and a spacious, comfortable control room. If you need a change of scenery in the midst of your creative process, our "Green Room" lounge area has everything you need to stay on top the game and fly through your session.  We also have a variety of instruments to offer you during the recording process, you could literally walk into our recording studio empty handed and leave with your songs in your pocket.  We are able to work from start to finish on a project, including mixing and mastering, to ensure that your project comes out exactly the way you want it to.  In addition to our all-inclusive projects, we are also happy to enhance existing projects through editing, mixing, and mastering. We have everything you need and the knowledge to capture your unique sound while giving you a great product that meets industry standards. Whether you are just finishing your creative writing, or need a final pass through of your recorded material, we will help you finish your next big thing.

Shortly after opening, Duprey Studio Recordings partnered up with Exotic Airlines, a Dallas based multifaceted entertainment team owned and operated by Anthony "Silassie" Stewart.  This partnership allows our location to be a one-stop-shop for all your music needs.  Areas such as artist consulting, distribution, branding, social media and online platform development, photography, cinematography, album art, and animation are all available at this studio.  In 2016, Architect Productions joined the mix, the beat making and production team by Kadeem Al-Uqdah.  Having an in-house beat-making team has allowed us to satisfy the needs of many hip/hop and rap artists from all over the United States.  We have everything you need under one roof.  Come on in.

Professional Recording Studio in Dallas Texas


Music Mixing and Mastering

When the last note has been recorded, it is time for the artist to take a break. At Duprey Studio Recordings, we will let you enjoy your hard-earned rest while we continuously work on making your music sound better than ever through audio mixing. No matter what vibe you are attempting to capture, we use the best gear and plug-ins to capture the essence of what makes your music completely your own. We know when to tuck things into a mix or to bring them out and make all the parts equal a greater sum.
When you choose to work on audio mixing with us, you are providing yourself access to the best ears in the Dallas, TX area at the best possible price. From the early stages of audio mixing to the delicate finishing touches, we will happily collaborate with you to guarantee that you end up with songs that do not sound muddy, but instead bring out the best in your musicianship. We are happy to have you in the control room the entire time, or to collaborate with you from a distance as you give your ears a rest.
Audio mixing is an incredibly touchy process that can make the difference between a song being underwhelming and mind blowing, and we will combine our experience with your personal touch to create something so unique that it shines above the competition. Whether you are an artist on the rise, or part of an established act, we treat every client’s music with same level of respect to ensure that every mix we put out is something to be truly proud of.
If you have an album that has just finished being recorded and you are looking for a fresh set of ears then feel free to contact us today for pricing and availability.

Editing At The Studio

While every part of capturing a song is an important process, editing is where a song can truly turn into something incredible. Choppy editing that leads to tonal or rhythmic issues can undermine even the best writing. Do not let your song or album fall victim to simple, avoidable errors. Editing is often overlooked during the recording process due to the excitement of moving towards post production, but at Duprey Studio Recordings, we will take all the time needed to ensure a perfect product that you can live with forever.
For the most top-to-bottom perfection throughout your recording process, look no further than our expert team. If you are looking to polish off recorded tracks in the Dallas, TX area, then look no further! Get in touch with one of our engineers today to talk about specific things you are looking for in a recording experience
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